• Communication and Compliance
  • Chemicals exist in many forms
  • Chemicals are subject to complex legislation
  • All employees must be communicated relevent chemical information
  • Online & in plant education
  • Audit services
  • Chemical catalog definition


    GHS, Reach, Control Banding – What does it all mean?

    With minimal global alignment of legislation companies are required to navigate the maze of information in an attempt to conform to the relevant legislation.



    Are you compliant?

    Each regulation has specific criteria that requires to be adhered to with process and procedures. Failure to follow this can leave a company exposed to fines and lawsuits from employees.



    Do your employees understand?

    Employers have a legal obligation to ensure their employees understand the hazards, health effects, and precautions associated with all substances used in the work place.



    Are you committed to providing the safest environment possible?

    Surveys show that a proactive approach to safety promotes employee efficiency and reduces claims and provides the lowest cost solution.

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Incredible Benefits

We navigate the maze of chemical legislation and provide sensible solutions tailored to individual customer requirement's;

  • Communication of chemical information that can be understood by all employees.
  • Chemical classification services supporting standardization, rationalization and green chemical initiatives.
  • Best practice process designed to conform to regional and global legislation reduce total acquisition cost associated with chemical spend.
  • Extensive support services including SDS authoring, foreign language translation services, and consulting services.
  • Access to leading chemical experts to support global initiatives.

Chemical Information & the employees Right To Understand

We provide consulting and services across the chemical value chain. Our service include SDS authoring, audits, training, chemical catalog development the development of best practice processes to meet compliance, green and cost reduction initiatives.

Our mission is to communicate Chemical Information in a format supporting the employees Right To Understand (ChemRTU).

A boutique consulting and solution provider positioned to assist clients to optimize the management of chemical portfolios.