The nature of our company keeps costs low and allows solutions to be configured to individual customer requirements.

Our network of Associates are Professionals from Industry and Academia who all have extensive experience in their particular field.
Practical wisdom gained from real world experiences, combined with our insight into the real world fundamentals of chemical compliance legislation are the cornerstone of our network. The combined brain power and comprehensive and hands-on experience of ChemRTU associates supports our ability to identify underlying issues and enriches our ability to develop executable solutions tailored for your organization’s particular chemical compliance needs.



Our team includes your people. Projects as an opportunity to engage and work with your employees to discuss, review and recommend and develop solutions that offer a fresh perspective to support Compliance, Communication and Cost reduction associated with the management of your chemical portfolio.


About Us

As an independent company we provide clients impartial advice to navigate the complexity associated with conforming to chemical legislation and services to reduce the total cost associated with chemical compliance and acquisition.

Our Associates come from both academia and industry and provide a balanced perspective which supports the design,implementation and delivery of sensible best practice solutions supporting Compliance, Communication and Cost reduction.

We believe companies should be committed to chemical process best practice and work with clients who share in this belief.


We are strategically positioned to provide clients services to:

  • Simplify and communicate relevant chemical information in a format that employees can understand
  • Implement solutions that ensure employees understand the hazards associated with all chemicals in their workplace
  • Simplify a clients chemical catalog with the objective of reducing total cost or meeting green initiatives
  • Provide audit services that validate conformance, inventory, benchmark best practice and determine the cost of compliance
  • Provide consulting, training and advisory services


With many years of combined expertise in the interpretation of regional, global legislation and the obligations placed on companies by this legislation, we are uniquely positioned to help our clients achieve best practice in the area of communication, compliance, and total acquisition cost reduction associated with a clients chemical portfolio.

Our focus is to provide solutions and services to reduce a clients total cost of compliance and acquisition associated with each clients chemical product portfolio.


We look to establish a long term relationship with a client and provide a personal service to support a clients chemical compliance needs on an as required basis.

Our maturity within the industry provides us with extensive relationships covering technology solutions, global regulatory compliance, training providers, audit providers and industry consultants. This network provides the knowledge base and focus to address each clients specific requirements, be it the provision of a training program, to the development of an extensive regulatory compliance program to meet an industry or country's requirement.


As our name suggests, we created our company with the objective to communicate chemical related information in a format that could be understood by all employees. We are passionate about this and it provides the foundation on which our company, our services and solutions are built.

Our solutions and approach are very focused, we are the needle in the haystack and offer a proven approach to deliver results in our areas of expertise.

Chemical Information and the employees Right To Understand